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The Unremarkable Miracle, Healing From Auto-Immune Disease - a Chat with Veronica Morris

3 March 2024 · 1 hr 6 min

Join us for chat with Veronica Morris on the latest A Glimmer A Day Podcast episode. Veronica was once told that she would be in a wheelchair by the time she was 30 - at that point, in her early 20s, she had been diagnosed with a rare and incurable auto-immune disease that affected her joints and spine. She spent most of her time in constant pain, regularly finding it extremely difficult to move even a short distance and she was confined to bed. In the better times, she battled through the pain, trying to conceal the fact that she had a serious problem, desperate to be normal and just like everybody else. After a slow and painful 10 years, and frustrated with the conventional approach to her problem, which had started to irretrievably damage her liver, she decided to take control. She began to research her disease, learning about nutrition, physical therapy, meditation and other mind-body techniques. Through the lifestyle changes she made and the professional help that she sought, her body responded and healed itself. Today, 19 years on, she is still in remission and along with owning her own business, she is the mum of two young adults, and a small but very loud dog.

Hailing from County Tyrone in Northern Ireland Veronica lives an incredibly interesting and busy life. Running her own consultancy business helping not-for-profit organisations, being a Ted X speaker, breaking glass ceilings at every turn with her impressive resume, all while finding time to write her book ‘The Unremarkable Miracle’ in order to help other people going through similar health setbacks. Veronica has so much wisdom to share and this episode is well worth a listen.

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