A Glimmer A Day

The 'Evolution of Everything' and Finding the Glimmers with Michael Wren

26 July 2023 · 1 hr 17 min

Trigger Warning: Confronting topics of serious mental health issues and suicide are discussed in this episode. We are not medical professionals and urge our listeners who are concerned about their mental health to contact their GP or talk to a trusted person in their life.

Linda chats to author Michael Wren about his fantastic metaphysical fiction novel ‘The Evolution of Everything’, his life as an engineer, the effect on the mental health of working in the construction industry, his journey to becoming an author, life, love and of course his glimmers.

Michael has led an interesting life. in his own words…

”I’ve been on quite a journey. Born in the Kimberly Mountains of Western Australia. Weaned on mum and dad’s stories of remote Aboriginal communities, patrolling Papua New Guinea, granddads butcher shop, Catholics and Druids and those that didn’t come home from war. Then the roller coaster of my own youthful adventures, trekking and ometimes working around the world. I’ve lived in dozens of places, from one-pub villages to mega-cities, finally settling in Brisbane.

Even then I worked away a lot. They call it ‘Fly-In-Fly-Out.’ I call it toxic. But I still did it. In the stress and loneliness of a donga, thousands of kilometres from my wife and kids, I started writing. I wanted to make sense of it all. I wanted to lay it out so I could understand what this is.

You can buy ‘The Evolution of Everything’ via this link: https://www.amazon.com.au/Evolution-Everything-Michael-Wren-ebook/dp/B0BNY286FS

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