A Glimmer A Day

Healing from Childhood Trauma, Discovering a Late ADHD Diagnosis and Neurodiversity in Education - ADHD Expert and Teacher Simon da Roza.

1 May 2024 · 1 hr 28 min

Trigger Warning: Please be aware there is mention of historical child sexual and physical abuse within a school setting.

Linda chats with lifelong passionate educator, ADHD expert and late diagnosed ADHD’er Simon Da Roza. He tells the story of his own traumatic school experiences growing up in rural NSW and how after one particular horrible incident with a teacher, he decided he was not going to become an electrician after all but the best darn teacher he could be.

Simon was true to his word and has dedicated his life to education, from teaching in the classroom to creating his neurodiversity-focused business Exceptional Learners. He shares many brilliant insights into how to inspire and empower neuro-divergent students to use their strengths and strategies to make school a better experience.

He also shares how he helps parents and teachers to meet the student where they are at, and to provide learning environments which encourage students to thrive, not just survive.

Simon discusses advocating for neuro-affirming change and improvement within a rigid educational system. And as always, we talk about his glimmers, the little things that bring him joy.

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