A Glimmer A Day

About A Glimmer a Day

A Glimmer A Day was created by Linda Buchanan in April 2023 in her home in Brisbane, where she lives with her partner, three awesome daughters and two adorable but clingy dogs. After a few years battling with several chronic illnesses, the toll on mental health that goes along with that, embracing her healing journey and discovering her neurodivergence, she was ready for a new adventure.

Writing poetry was Linda’s creative outlet at the time and writing a poem about Glimmers inspired her to share their power with others who were going through tough times. Another passion she wanted to pursue was to give ordinary people from all walks of life a platform for their own stories to be told and heard - move over celebrities, let us hear from people like us! It is so important to feel heard and know that your story is important and you can also help others know they are not alone in their stories.

So What Exactly is a Glimmer?

A glimmer is the opposite of a trigger and is a small moment when our biology is in a place of connection or regulation which cues our nervous system to feel safe and calm — Deb Duna, The Polyvagl Theory in Therapy, 2018

Glimmers will help to gently shape and calm your nervous system. Glimmers can be anything that give you a micro moment of happiness or calm. The first peaceful cuppa before anyone else is awake, finishing that craft project or even just smiling at a relatable video a friend sent.

Who Has Time to Look for Glimmers? Just Another Fad?

We are all busy. We’ve long to do lists to tick off, work, relationships, kids, dinner… all the things! We are surviving but are we thriving? We’re feeling constantly overwhelmed and exhausted, we’d all love to have the time and money to be doing all these self-care activities the wellness gurus suggest but it’s just not always possible.

That’s the beauty about glimmers, they are tiny micro-moments of joy that can be found anywhere and at any time. You don’t need to carve out hours in your day or climb a mountain to admire the sunset or book a spa weekend. Glimmers are simple things that make us feel happy, even just for a moment. Glimmers are all around us, we just need to look.

Glimmers are not Toxic Positivity

We know very well that life often feels so difficult and overwhelming, going from one problem to the next. However, we want to spread the message that even though the world often feels grey there are always glimmers of colour to be found if we look closely enough. Adulting is often difficult but looking for glimmers in the tough times will keep us looking for the light in the cracks. Hopefully feeling these tiny moments of joy or calm will become as normal and necessary to our well-being as breathing.

Glimmers are for Everyone

Glimmers are for everyone. They are not political, they have no religion, class, race, gender, or sexuality. They bring people together in what we have in common – our humanity, our stories, our hope, our understanding that no-one gets out of here alive. We can find glimmers everywhere- in our relationships, in nature, in our hobbies- we just need to be aware,take them in and appreciate the moment.

Life is messy
Sometimes dark and confusing
Feelings, emotions, overwhelm. Too much.
Sit with them, Then let them go.
If you need someone to save you, look in the mirror.
And always, always
Look for the glimmers